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04 Dec 2017

Cheese for ‘Toasting’

Prosecco cheese

Waitrose is the first UK supermarket to launch a Prosecco cheese. Arriving in shops on 4th December, this indulgent cheese is perfect for adding a sparkly twist to a festive cheeseboard.

The Ubriaco Prosecco DOC, affectionately referred to as ‘drunken cheese’, is a traditional Italian cows’ milk cheese which is bathed in Treviso Prosecco DOC for 40 to 50 days during its ageing process, which takes 6 - 8 months in total.

Made by a third generation family of cheese makers in Veneto, northern Italy, the cheese has a soft, supple texture. Its flavour is reminiscent of flowers, pears and golden apples, with a hint of saltiness in the background. The cheese develops a semi-firm edible rind as it soaks in the Prosecco DOC and the wine imparts floral and aromatic notes to the cheese.

The company behind the cheese was founded in 1930 by Luigi Moro, who sold milk to local families in Veneto, particularly helping those who were struggling during difficult times. In the 1950s they started cheese production and today Sergio Moro, Luigi's grandson, specialises in making cheeses using old rural techniques of production and ageing.

The cheese goes particularly well with pears and figs, and a glass of Prosecco or aged red wine.

Notes to editors:
For more information on the perfect festive cheeseboard please visit:

Ubriaco Prosecco (£25/kg) is available on our Waitrose Cheese Counters and online from 4th December, and in the pre-packed cheese section from the 6th December.
Other ‘drunken cheeses’ available at Waitrose include:

Wensleydale with Golden Fruits and Amaretto (£13/kg)
Waitrose 1 Berthaut epoisses de Bourgogne per kg with a brandy washed rind (£27/kg)

For further information please contact the Waitrose PR team at ZPR on 0207 287 5006 or email

Information and prices correct at time of release.  Waitrose customer enquiry number is 0800 188 884.


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