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30 Nov 2017

Offly good

Slow-cooked Pig Cheeks with Pea Tops and Seared Scallops

Forgotten cuts, many of which would have been all too familiar to our grandparents, are once again having their moment in the limelight. 

The Waitrose forgotten cuts range which originally launched nine years ago has gone from strength to strength. Sales of brisket are up 20%, pigs cheeks 30%, pigs trotters 36% and pork shanks 30%, compared to last year.

The Waitrose annual Food & Drink report 2017-18 revealed that the increased demand for the range is down to shoppers increasingly looking for cheaper cuts that don’t comprise on taste or quality. 

Recipe searches for forgotten cuts of meat on are also on the rise, with Sichuan Smoked Pig Cheeks with Plum Ketchup up 33%, Slow-cooked Pig Cheeks with Pea Tops and Seared Scallops up 140% and American-style Roast Beef Brisket up 350% compared to last year.

Andy Boulton, Waitrose Buyer comments, ‘Our customers now buy thousands of these once forgotten cuts each week such as trotters, cheeks or feather steak. Many chefs and restaurants are championing the cuts and in recent weeks the famous Hawksmoor chain and Michel Roux Jr both launched a recipe book which includes a dish for a whole pigs head. The growing use of the cuts in the mainstream is giving shoppers more confidence about trying recipes using these cuts at home. At Waitrose we have a policy to buy the whole animal from our farmers, so the growing trend is great to ensure that we make the best use of every cut.'

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