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01 Sep 2017

Prost! Waitrose launches new beers to celebrate its beer festival

Warsteiner Mini Keg

Not everyone can make it to Munich for the world's largest beer festival so Waitrose is joining in with its own German themed event. With sales of German beer already up 32% this year, the retailer is launching five limited edition beers available from 20 September to 10 October.

For those celebrating with their own mini beer-fests at home with friends, the supermarket is stocking five litre German mini kegs. Create your own bar with ‘Paulaner Munich’ (ABV 4.9%), the official beer at the city’s festival or ‘Warsteiner’ (4.8%), a Pilsner-style beer, brewed since 1753.

Another limited edition being stocked by Waitrose for the event is ‘Camden Town Oktoberfest’. This British brewery has created its own themed beverage with an ABV of 5.7%. It is exclusive to Waitrose as a supermarket, with a rich, nutty flavour and a dry finish.  The brewery says “the beer is best served in a big stein, with a lot of foamy head, alongside classic fest fare like the three Ps: Pork, potatoes and pretzels.”

Waitrose also offers a variety of German beers all year round. A popular choice with shoppers is ‘Waitrose German Pils’ (ABV 5%). The beer is produced by Memminger, one of the most awarded breweries in Germany. With a malty, sweet fragrance, strong hop character, full-bodied flavours and rounded bitterness, it’s a great match for roast chicken or pork schnitzel.

Get your steins at the ready for the following five beers that will be joining the Waitrose selection from 20 September to 10 October:

Warsteiner 5 litre mini keg  (ABV 4.8%) £16

Goose Island Oktoberfest 6x330ml (ABV 5.7%) £10

Camden Oktoberfest lager 4x330ml (ABV 5.7%) £7.50

Paulaner 5 litre mini keg (ABV 4.9%) £20

Paulaner 1 litre in stein glass (ABV 6%) £10

The following German beers are available at Waitrose all year round:

Erdinger Weissbrau Weibbier 50cl (ABV 5.3%) £1.80

Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier 500ml (ABV 5%) £1.80

Erdinger Weissbrau Alkohol Frei 50cl (ABV 0.5%) £1.30

Waitrose German Pils 500ml (ABV 0.5%) £1.99

Warsteiner 0.5l (ABV 4.8%) £2

Bitburger Pils 4x330ml (ABV 4.8%) £3.99

For more information please contact:
Jessica Simms

Information and prices correct at time of release.  Waitrose customer enquiry number is 0800 188 884.


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