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31 Aug 2017

Pack it in - Waitrose top tips for nutritious lunchboxes

Children's School Lunch Box

The importance of healthy eating is ever growing, so as your little ones head back to school, make sure you send them off with a delicious and nutritious packed lunch. 

Waitrose Nutritionist, Nicola Selwood, says: “With all the rules in place about what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed in your child’s lunchbox, providing a nutrient-dense lunch whilst meeting the energy needs of a growing child does require a little thought.” 

To help parents plan ahead, Nicola has highlighted the key food groups she advises including in lunchboxes to provide vital nutrients, whilst also keeping little learners full during their busy school days. 
Top tips: 

Try and include at least one of your child’s five a day in the lunchbox 
Bananas and sliced apples are always a tasty treat as they provide a sweet taste but also provide Vitamin B which is essential for providing energy in the body. Both make great additions to a lunch or are tasty for a mid-morning snack. Add a drizzle of lemon juice to the sliced apples to stop them from going brown! If you fancy adding some veggies in there too, sliced red peppers or cucumber sticks with a snack size pot of essential Waitrose houmous make a delicious snack. 

Most people consider a sandwich to be a staple for a child’s lunch but why not mix it up by including a different style of bread such as a wrap or a bagel half.
These starchy foods can fuel your child with energy for the rest of the school day. Choosing wholemeal and wholegrain varieties will  increase your child’s fibre intake, an important element to a balanced diet.  You could try popping some essential Waitrose Tuna and Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler into a wholemeal wrap or add some salmon to pasta. Fish provides an excellent source of protein, essential for a child’s growth. 

Calcium is vital for the growth of children’s bones, so making sure they have a source of calcium in their lunchtime meal is important
Milk is the top choice to have as a drink for lunch, but yogurts work well too.  The Collective Dairy Suckies which are whole milk yoghurts combined with a fruit puree, make a tasty but nutritious treat. If  your child prefers more savory options in their lunchbox, a small cheese portion is always a good idea. Try to encourage them to eat this at the end of their meal as it can help protect their teeth from acid erosion. 

Many children get hungry throughout the day so providing them with healthy snacks to top them back up is important 
Although crisps may seem like the simple solution, these have been banned by many schools. However, there are some healthier snack substitutes out there. Try including a Waitrose LoveLife Carrot and Houmous Pack or a Waitrose Seeds and Berry Cereal Bar. The bars contain Omega 3 which is important for brain and optical health. As an added bonus you could add the Waitrose Cheese and Onion Pop Snacks for a mid-week treat or Waitrose mini flapjack bites, but try to keep these to a minimum. 

For more information or packed lunch ideas please visit

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For more information please contact:
Jessica Simms

Information and prices correct at time of release.  Waitrose customer enquiry number is 0800 188 884.


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