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21 Jul 2017

Lava up!

Men's grooming products

Gone are the days when a man's grooming regime would simply involve shaving foam and maybe a splash of cologne.  Men are now starting the day with a Black Lava Face Wash, a shave using traditional barber shop beard care and finishing with a Hydrating Moisturiser using Volcanic Ash.

Waitrose has introduced a range of grooming must-haves from a number of exclusive, small British brands to offer the supermarket’s biggest ever collection of men’s skin and hair care.  The retailer is increasing its male beauty range by 77%, with over 40 new products, and doubling the size of its hair care selection for men.

The new brands feature a number of earthy, rugged ingredients such as black lava, keratin, caffeine, Tasmanian pepper and volcanic ash.

Mark Steele, Men’s Beauty Buyer at Waitrose says, “At Waitrose, skin and hair care collections for men have proven popular, with sales up over 8%.

“Customers are increasingly becoming more confident and experimental in their grooming regimes. In recent years, they are now more likely to have six or seven different products in their bathroom cabinets, from beard oils to brushes, rather than just one or two old favourites. We’re introducing these new brands to give men even more choice.

“Lava, caffeine and volcanic ash may not seem typical bathroom staples, but this new wave of grooming brands are pushing the boundaries. On the flip side we’re also seeing a trend for men using retro barber shop-style British products too, which is reflected in the new hair care items.

“The new range offers everything men need for their grooming regime, while they pick up their food shopping.''  

This is the first time British-made brands like Heath, Hawkins & Brimble, The Great British Grooming Co and Fish have been stocked in a supermarket. 

The new beauty must-haves for men are the perfect choice for a spot of preening to get set for a suave summer.  The range of grooming for guys consists of beard oils, exfoliators, moisturisers and face wash. A number of the new moisturisers for men list Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil among their components - two ingredients making a buzz in the female beauty world at the moment.

The new collections are available in Waitrose shops now.

Notes to Editors

The Great British Grooming Co

Formulated around traditional grooming for the modern man, this British brand is following up their autumn 2016 beard care launch with a new hydrating moisturiser and exfoliating face scrub
All items in the range contain Argan Oil and Volcanic Ash
Waitrose is the first supermarket to list this brand
Hawkins and Brimble 

A brand new British grooming brand reviving traditional barber rituals
Launching five shave and shower products
Waitrose is the first supermarket to stock the brand

A new British collection of five contemporary skincare lines inspired by an urban, natural lifestyle
Heath is packed with natural ingredients that have been chosen for their tried-and-tested benefit for men’s skin
Waitrose is the first supermarket to list Heath

Launching seven best selling styling products, including two exclusives from the brand’s Platinum range, Fish was founded in a salon in Soho and now has thirty years worth of credentials
The collection features sophisticated scents such as leather and amber
 Man Cave

Providing a premium natural grooming routine for men at an affordable price, this small British company formulates all its natural products in the UK
From shower gel and shampoo to moisturisers, Man Cave provides a full natural men's regime using ingredients such as rosehip oil, shea butter, white tea and olive stone
Waitrose is the first supermarket to list the Man Cave Sensitive Moisturiser, Sensitive Face Wash and Protective Anti-Aging SPF20 Moisturiser
Rock Face

Rock Face is a British brand featuring traditional citrus and woody fragrances, helping men look great with minimum effort and fuss
Three new products, Rock Face Facial Wash, Rock Face Sensitive Deodorant and Rock Face Moisturiser are the new arrivals to Waitrose shelves
Waitrose is the first supermarket to list the Facial Wash and Sensitive range
New British men’s grooming product highlights include:

HEATH Moisturiser with Hyaluronic acid 100ml £15

HEATH Face Wash with Black Lava and Charcoal 150ml £10

Rock Face Fash Wash Infused with Green Coffee Extract £4

Fish Platinum Cream with a leather amber scent 100ml £5.99

Fish Platinum Wax with a leather amber scent 100ml £5.99

Great British Grooming Company Hydrating Moisturiser with Volcanic Ash £6.99

Great British Grooming Company Exfoliating Face Scrub with Volcanic Ash £5.99

Hawkins and Brimble Pure Bristle Shaving Brush £20

Hawkins and Brimble Post Shave Balm £8.95

Man Cave Olivestone Face Scrub 100ml £6.99

Man Cave Lemon & Oak Shower Gel 200ml £3.99

Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo 200ml £5.50

Man Cave Eucalyptus Deodorant 75ml £7.99

For more information please contact Hayley Soper


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