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04 Jul 2017

Barbecue In Style This Summer

Waitrose 1 Venison Lightly Seasoned Burgers

Make the most of the long summer evenings and dine al fresco. Waitrose has a great range of barbecue products that are sure to delight family and friends.

Choose from the Waitrose 1 Six Free Range Pork Sausages (£3.29/400g), Two Waitrose 1 Venison Lightly Seasoned Burgers (£3.29/227g) or Two Waitrose 1 30 Day Dry Aged Hereford Hand Pressed Beef Burgers (£4.99/340g).

For further information please contact the Waitrose PR team at ZPR on 0207 896 3404 or email

Information and prices correct at time of release.  Waitrose customer enquiry number is 0800 188 884.


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