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25 Jul 2017

Waitrose trade update

Waitrose Autumn ad 2015

Cold weather foods drove many of our in-store and online purchases last week, as trading compared against the hottest week of the year in 2016.  Variable weather this year led to total sales for the week falling 1.1%, with the strongest growth in products usually associated with winter months.

This included prepared meals, which were up by 14%, soup, up by 18%, and hot drinks, which were 8% up on last year.  Our cafes also saw a 7% increase in sales.

On Tuesday (18th) we announced a tie-up with the Marine Conservation Society, to get more people than ever before involved in a series of over 1000 beach and river litter cleans.  The campaign is supported with £500,000 from our carrier bag funds.

We also announced that we are going to be selling North Sea Cod for the first time in 18 years, after the fishery has achieved the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) 'blue tick' for sustainable and well-managed fishing.


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